ANTENNA ITALIA is a team of 9 units, 4 of which are dedicated to marketing, sales and admin area, 2 pre-sales and bid engineering, 3 technical and logistic experts, with an aggregated 200+ years of experience in the field of TV, FM Radio, AM radio and Microwave Systems.

The team is completed by an extensive network of Area Business Partners (Associates) and local correspondents:

Mr. Giorgio Pertusati 

Owner, Chairman, 25yrs experience as businessman in the Military and Civilian Telecom sector, University Consultant at Turin (Italy)

Mr. Attilio Leone

Acting Executive Vice-President, 35yrs experience in large civilian and military telecom infrastructure projects in Africa, LATAM and Asia, specialist in project financing and institutional relationship

Mr. Roland Coulon

Export service (French-Speaking area), 35yrs experience as after- sale service at Thomson/THALES for Radio/TV transmitting eqpt.

Ms. Cristina Gavino

Commercial and administrative back-office, 15yrs experience in the domestic and international sales department

Mr. Giuseppe Lisio

Pre-sales specialized engineer, International Procurement Bids preparation, training engineer, 20yrs experience with different TV/Radio Equipment Manufacturers

Mr. Remo Nannetti

Pre-sales senior expert, training, laboratory and field engineer, 35yrs experience with Deutsche BundesPost and various RF Equipment Manufacturers, Special Projects counselor

Mr. Lanfranco Vespasiani

Laboratory and Field engineer, 35yrs experience in the domain of installations and commissioning in Asia and Africa (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Morocco, Tunisia, Benin, Nigeria, Gambia, Iraq)

Mr. Roberto Poggi

RF Microwave Engineer, specialized in the design and industrialization of microwave Transceivers, amplifiers, system integration, 30yrs experience with different world-class manufacturers

Ms. Laura Anedda

Warehouse and general services, 25yrs experience

ANTENNA ITALIA is widely active in the MEA region via an extensive network of distributors and local offices with technical support teams :

Mr. Rzgar Mahmoud

Associate Business Partner – Iraq / Syria / Kurdistan

Mr. Morou Boureima

Installation and RF engineer – Niger / Tchad

Mr. Rachid Chakir

Associate Business Partner – Morocco

Mr. Mohammed Tajani

Field engineer – Morocco / Algeria

Mr. Jalel Ghedira

Associate Business Partner – Tunisia

Mr. Ridha Cherif

Installation engineer – Tunisia

Mr. Taha BenMokadem

Security and Logistics – Tunisia / Lybia

Mr. Vasily Oudalov

Associate Business Partner – Russia and CIS Republics

Mr. Julien Yameogo

Associate Business Partner – Burkina Faso

Mr. Egide Mwemero

Installation and RF engineer – Rwanda / Burundi

Mr. Kisembo Deogratias

Installation and RF engineer – Uganda

Mr. Sebastien Kpéli

Installation and RF engineer – Benin / Togo

Mr. Francis Kimore

Associate Business Partner – Kenya / Tanzania

Mr. Habuji Sosome

Associate Business Partner – Botswana

Mr. Yann Han Miow Fah

Installation and RF engineer – Reunion / Mayotte / Comoros

Mr. Alex Mathaba

Associate Business Partner – South and Austral Africa

Antenna Italia holds the highest level of security clearance to operate in surveilled, secrecy classified UE / NATO environment.
Technical Equipment

The laboratories are equipped with :

3 HP Spectrum Analyzers calibration 2020
1 R&S portable FSH3 Spectrum analyzer calibration 2020
1 Vectorscope + Waveform monitor TEKTRONIX
1 R&S ETL portable TV/Radio analyzer (calibration 2021 R&S ETL)
1 DVB-T+T2 / DVB-S+S2 / FM analyzer brand Rohde&Schwarz EFL340
3 Tektronix Oscilloscopes (1 digital and 2 analogic)
1 ANGELANTONI Climatic Chamber for temperature Endurance Trials

Vehicles :

4 cars (Citroen C4 Picasso, Peugeot 308 Break, VW Touareg, Dacia Duster)
1 Minivan 4×4 3tons
1 Toyota Land Cruiser (Niger)

Financial Results in EURO (turnover 1997-2019)


Strong of a consistent and continuous growth in revenues since its establishment in 1997, “ANTENNA Italia” is an Italian Team of radiofrequency specialists, the Earth&Sky problem solver.

We serve world-class customers with mission critical equipment since 1994. Our offer is ranging from AM to FM radio, TV transmitters, Microwaves, from 500KHz to 50GHz, from 1mW to 240kW, plus antenna systems, accessories and more.

With its deep knowledge of the market, strong commitment to success, keen and professional approach to problems, ANTENNA Italia is the proud partner of many demanding, state-owned Armed Forces and TV / Radio stations, particularly in the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and the African markets.

Our mission is to serve the customer with the quickest, most tailored, seamless Radiocomms or Broadcasting solution to their needs, always keeping in mind our two mantras: the best reliability + the best value for money.

Telecom / Defense / Government

Public (or nationwide private) broadcasters

ISO14001 Compliance Statement

Since 1997, our company proudly operates an internal “Eco-Awareness” program.
This program makes ANTENNA ITALIA compliant to ISO14001 as per the following milestones

1997. Incorporation

1998. Moving to shared eco-friendly location in Tortona

2000. Power saving protocol for all equipment and light through centralized monitoring unit

2004. Switching to paperless fax / web-based fax services

2005. Initial experiments of self-clouding archive service for basic docs

2006. All company waste is recycled by a specialized local agency. Part is transformed in heat and electrical energy

2008. Digitalization of all transport documents and administration papers

2010. 100% of archive is cloud-based

2011. In October, remote offices applies Eco Awareness. The company goes TOTALLY PAPERLESS in 2012

2014. First solar-powered office experiments

2019 100% of under-the-roof company activity is Solar and Wind-powered